All Motorcycle Transport


All Motorcycle Transport aims to provide a motorcycle transport service around Melbourne & Interstate at great value for money. Whilst we do field a lot of calls, we don’t win all of them – the main reason that we do not get a job is cost; even at the start-up level – which is for a motorcycle transport job within the Melbourne Metropolitan region.

We know and understand that not everyone will see our start-up fees as reasonable – but here’s a brief explanation. More than just transporting a bike from A to B, from a viable business viewpoint, there are a lot of additional factors involved:

  1. Drive to pick-up point
  2. Time to load – (is the bike ready to immediately load-up?)
  3. Drive to drop-off point
  4. Time to off-load – (is the recipient ready and available to immediately sign-off on the delivery?)
  5. Drive back from drop-off point
  6. Fuel plus vehicle wear and tear / maintenance
  7. Staff wage, insurance, marketing and many other business fees
  8. Unpredicted events e.g. delays / traffic / or hold-up at pick-up or drop-off location etc.

Fortunately for us, we do have a lot of jobs where the cusotmers understand the logistics involved. Dropping fees any lower than our value benchmarks would get us a few more jobs a week, that’s for sure – the irony though is that the cost to us for those additional low-paying trips would actually outprice the returns. The wait at pick-up and drop off, more often that not can stretch right out – the bike is not ready to be loaded, yet; or, the recipient is not home, yet; or the dealership manager is trapped on a long phone call before signing off on the delivery.

As bike riders ourselves, we know the value of this service – a lot of our friends also use our services and pay for it… and, fortunately in this industry, there are a lot of riders who totally appreciate the value and peace of mind of being able to call on our services, during flexible hours including week-ends should they require their motorcycle transported from A to B, or removed from the roadside due to a breakdown.

In instances of breakdowns we obviously take the rider onboard with us.

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